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 Tracking Hits & Analyzing Traffic

Counters are old hat. Just counting hits to your site doesn't tell you much of anything. Server log analyzers, traffic analyzers or trackers tell you how many new visitors and returning visitors came to your site each day, what time of day, as well as, what operating system, browser version and the search words the visitor used to find your site listing on what search engine.

Trackers range from free to hundreds of dollars a month, depending on the extent of the information and size of the site you wish analyzed. Some versions are free but for for the price of a small banner you need to place on your page, which anyone can click on and read your webpages stats. Many host servers offer tracking service for a small fee, averaging $5 a month.

Free Versions if you Banner Link
Free Trials of Profession Versions
Extreme Tracking WebTrends
GoldStats WebStats
Site Tracker for NonProfits  

Search Engine Spider Tracking

Tracks which Search Engine Spiders visit your site. Clokers keep close eye on search engine ips, so they can check the identidy of the visitor and display something special for them.

Search Engine Ranking Tools & Reports

Free Online Tools Professional Programs
Rank Analysis
Rank Pilot
Rocket Rank
Site Cook


Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Keyword Bid Management Tools:

Bid Gap Services help you manage your keyword bids at the various pay-per-click search engines, automatically reducing your high bid gaps while maintaining your ranking. Some figure out your Realtime returns on investment too (ROI).

Click Patrol Supports: Overture, Overture UK, FindWhat, Kanoodle, Espotting, Sprinks and Ah-Ha.
SavePerClick Supports: Overture, Overture UK, FindWhat, Sprinks, 7Search, BrainFox, Kanoodle, Bay9 and Ah-Ha.
BidRight Supports: Overture, Overture UK, FindWhat, Kanoodle and Espotting.
Tangare Supports: Overture, Overture UK, FindWhat and Sprinks.
ManageBid Supports: Overture, FindWhat, Kanoodle, Netflip, Bay9, ePilot, SearchFeed and 7Search with Ah-ha and Sprinks coming soon.
GoToast Supports: Overture, Overture UK, FindWhat, Sprinks, Kanoodle, goClick, 7Search, Bay9, Ah-Ha, Espotting and BrainFox.
Gapster Free download Supports: Overture, Overture UK, FindWhat and Kanoodle.
bidsMonitor Supports: Overture.

Reporting Tools:

Keyword Bid Optimizer - review
This tool will save you time and money helping you optimize your keywords and your bids at Overture.
The KBO supports:Overture, FindWhat, ePilot and Ah-ha.

PositionGuardian is a free online tool that enables you to identify when you can lower your keyword bids and keep the same ranking at Overture.
PositionGuardian supports: Overture.

Promote4Less continuously monitors your bids looking for bid gaps. It utilizes "statistical analysis, proprietary spidering technology and artificial intelligence to develop and impliment a custom strategy for your budget.

The C2|Monitor has many flexible reports that allow you to get information on yours and your competitors listings in 12 of the major search engines as well as 5 pay per click search engines.
The C2|Monitor supports: Overture, FindWhat, ePilot, Sprinks and Bay9.

Link Popularity Checkers

Dead Link Reporters

Link Alarm Emails reports of broken links on your site. Offers Free Trial

Server Response

These tools check your host server, some are online tools, that test how your server responds for a certain url request on the spot, others ping your server a couple times an hour 24-7 and page or email you if your server or dns failed to respond.

Server Header Checker List of Montior Services


Load Time Checkers

HitBox Doctor Down Load Timer