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WebDesign Techniques better to avoid.

There are some web design techniques Search Engines either rank poorly or may not list at all. The following Web publishing techniques may need some extra attention or should be avoided:


URL Redirects
No Indexable Text

Hidden Text
Tiny Text

Duplicate Content
Bad Host Server

  Active Server Pages (.asp)

Active Server Pages are indexed by search engines usually without problems, unless there is a question mark in the url address (.asp?) The question mark indicates a script for the construction of a page, rather than just static content.

Most search engines support active server pages these days. AltaVista Express normalizes the URL.

  Frame Formatted Websites

Frames may hinder a site's searchablity because many search engines are confused as to which frame holds the indexable textual information. Be sure to give the frameset file a descriptive page title, meta tags, and loads of content in the <noframes> section.

Does one portion of your page scroll while another part stays stationary?
In your browser's MENU toolbar, CLICK on VIEW then choose View Source. (AOL browsers don't do this, so you should open Internet Explorer or NetScape browser). If you see the word FRAMESET anywhere in the coding, your site is formatted by frames.
For more details, Click Here: How-To Optimize Frames to learn how to prepare a framed site for search engine indexing.

  URL Redirects& Domain Forwarders

Your webpage is redirecting if your website url address changes in the browser address box, while your page loads, or one page opens momentarily then another page automatically opens. Some search engines do not list auto-redirecting pages, others follow the redirect and list the final destination page.

This webpage automatically redirects::
To STOP a really fast redirecting url in it's tracks and view the html source code before it opens another page, TYPE : view-source:http://www.yourWebPageAddress
Example: TYPE this into your browser address box:

A webtool that may identify a redirecting page: ScrubtheWeb

  Indexable Text

Search engines do not see words in images, flash or animation. They see font content; words in the textual body that can be highlighted letter by letter. If your page is mainly graphical, if it's made up of block images of text, you may be able to install some of your keyword phrases into image alternative text (alt tags). Some search engines do index image alt tags like normal text. Give your images different sentences that use a keyword phrase of two.

Holding down your left mouse button and dragging it over your page, do you see much words you can copy and paste from the page? To learn how to create ALT tags, go to:

  Hidden Text SPAM: This is hidden text spam

Text hidden in the same color as the background color is considered a SPAM offense. Search engines penalize ranking for hidden text..

Hold down your LEFT Mouse Button and DRAG it over and after the above sentences. See the hidden text? That is SPAM. Search Engines may ban a site for doing that. Check your page. Get rid of any text hiding in background.

  Tiny Text

Some of the major search engines might penalize your site if a majority of the text is smaller than normal size. They figure if it's too small to be read by visitors, it's probably only there as an attempt to manipulate listings. Adult sites should be careful with the percentage of tiny disclaimer text on their page in relation to the normal.

It's important that text early on the page mentions primary keyword phrases. If your first lines state your address, a slogan or anything that doesn't mention at least one keyword phrase, consider creating an image file that could say it instead. You could then give that first image on your page a sentence using keyword phrases as an image ALT tag.

This very webpage may be guilty of too much tiny size text. All the green blocks of text areof a tiny size. What is tiny? Do people move closer to the monitor and squint to read your page? It's recommended that most of a page's text be size 2 or more.

  Duplicate Content

Some engines have spiders that will look for duplicate or near-duplicate content on the same Web site or across multiple Web sites. When they find it, they may ban both sites or flag it for human review.

Do you have an affiliate site or a mirror site? Is yours EXACTLY the same word-for-word as others being submitted to search engines? Can you change anything? Can you change the: page title, text content on page, meta description tag, image file names, or Alt tags? If the site ifs formated by frames, can you edit the frameset file and <noframes> section? Visit Members Area Expert Chat for help.

  Bad Host Server

Your hosting service can affect your site's search listings. If your host fails to respond or is slow when a search engine spider tries to visit, the search engine will NOT ADD the webpage to it's database; instead, it will REMOVE any old listings it has of it.

Keep an eye on your site, be sure it's up and running by visiting it often and refreshing your cache. Your computer keeps a "copy", so you need to click REFRESH to see what's LIVE. There are server monitor tools you can get that attempt to contact your site every 30 minutes, if your server does not respond, it sends you an Email or Email page.

You can check your webpage's load time with HitBox Doctor

FREE hosted sites may have difficulty listing for a variety of reasons. Search engines may limit submission of a free host to 500 per day, so it may take a few submissions before it "takes".

If the hosting service also hosts many pornography sites or sites that have been banned for spamming the search engines, your site could be penalized or banned too. Guilt by association of having the same underlying IP address of the server.

If you have a bad or free host and it's not having success listing in search engines, it's time to consider moving. Host servers can cost anywhere from $9 a month and up, depending on the needs of your site. HostIndex is a directory you can search for one that matches your needs.

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