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How to Make Your Own Webpage Search Engine Friendly

Understand Browser
View HTML Source
<h1> Head Line

Subject Headings
Paragraph Text

The Page Title

The Meta Description
Alt Text
Keyword Stuffing

Understanding Your Website in a Browser Window:

What this is: different parts of browser window identified.

Viewing Your Web Page HTML Source Code:

  • Look Up Top of web page window for your Browser's Menu Bar > Click View > Choose Source. A NotePad window will pop open displaying the html source code of the active web page.
  • You can also just Right Click your mouse on a blank part of the web page, then Choose Source if your website is not designed with html frames.
  • Click Here: View the html source code of this page in Notepad.

This is a <H1>Headline Heading</H1>: Enter Keywords Here

Some search engines may give more weight to Headline and subject heading text. <H1>, <H2>,<H3> may stand out as being more important than normal or non-formatted paragraph body text.

This is a <H2>Subject Heading</H2>: Enter Keyword Phrase Here

This is <p>normal paragraph</p> text. The first lines of text on a page are noticed by search engines, consider them carefully. Try working your keywords and keyphrase into  a headline and the first sentences on your page, in a normal way. Do not create a long list, just for the sake of mentioning them for search engines.

Search engines index words and some follow links. Your page has to have indexable text their spider can see. They don't see words written in graphics, flash, marquees, or javascripting. They like to have about 100-300 words to index. Pages with just images and links to other pages give them no indexable text. Text links are anchors to other pages. They may help the listing of those pages, but they do not help the listing of the page they are on.

Enter Keyword Phrases in the Page <Title>

The page title can be seen in the title bar tip top of webpage window above the browser menu panel. Search Engines display the title as the top line of a webpage's listing and they tend list pages that have the searched phrase in the title. The default name given to a favorite link if someone bookmarks a page is the title. It's the most important part of a page to work keyword phrases into.

If you view the source code of this page you'll see the <title> in the <head> area of the code.

<title>This is the Page &lt;Title&gt;: Mention a keyword phrase here. State what page offers. Be specific!</title>

Enter Keywords in the Meta Description

Most search engines use the contents of your meta description as the summary describing your site displayed on the 2nd line of your listing, below the title.

<meta name="description" content="An informative sentence or two describing what your webpage offers searchers.">

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Do NOT list your keywords in a list, just for listing sake, that is keyword stuffing, a spam offense. Listing keywords, over and over, keyphrases, KEYPHRASES, key words, and Keywords for apparently no reason other than to just mention them on the page is something the search engines look for and may rank your site lower for, or they may even decide to not list it at all.

Use Keyword Statements in your Image ALT Tag Text

Some search engines index image ALT Tag (Alternative Representation) Text. Hover your mouse over the image below. See the little popup tool tip text window appear? That is the Alt Tag Text.

This is ALT tag text! 
Some search engines index this as normal text. Try to work a keyword phrase into a statement here.

If a page is using lots of graphics, has little text on page, or none at all, one way of working some in, without changing look of page by redesigning, is to add alt tags to the images.

To add alt text to an image add alt=" " in the html image string. What you put inside the quotes, is what will display in the mouseover popup text window.

This is the image string for the mouse over tool tip alt text for the picture on the left.

<img src="i/morehits.gif" alt="This is ALT tag text! Some search engines index this as normal text. Try to work a keyword phrase into a statement here." align="left" hspace="0" width="132" height="211">

If you are using FrontPage, select your image, right click your mouse, choose Image Properties. Then, under Alternative Representations in the General Tab, write your text in window next to the word: Text.

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